Smoothwall Bins

AGI Green Hat Smooth Wall Bin

Only one bin has earned a Green Top Hat.


AGI’s Green Hat bin provides you with the flexibility and durability that you are looking for. Allowing you to store fertilizer, liquid fertilizer, grain, feed, seed, and more, these smooth wall hopper bins will give you flexibility from year to year. Not only that, but AGI’s unique design and engineering ensure that you place your commodities in the best storage possible.

The Green Hat bin is better from the top down. AGI’s Green Hat bin has a unique and distinguished Bowler Hat lid that is rounded to keep snow and moisture out. Attached to the lid is a lid opener that is worth spending your money on. It is not a weathered rope or broken cable.



AGI’s Green Hat Bin is better at the core due to our automatic welding. AGI does not use manual welding techniques on The Green Hat Bin, like all of our competitors. Our Green Hat bin deserves better than the manual welding our competitors use. This bin is better than that. It has an automatic spiral welded shell. The shell pattern alone makes the Green Hat Bin three times stronger than any other bin currently on the market today. (Ask for AGI’s Finite Element Analysis Report proving this.) 

The Green Hat’s center opening chute helps your commodities exit the bin from the center of the chute.  This forward thinking design helps prevent internal friction and stress on the bin and helps prevent the bin from side unloading.




AGI’s Green Hat Bin comes standard with a hoop and hand rails for safer access.











Approx. Bushels

Cubic Feet


Metric Ton

Bin Height

Min Auger


15’3” Diameter x 20’ Wall







BIN-1526 15'3" Diameter x 26' Wall 4609 5460 169 154 41' 71'
BIN-1530 15'3" Diameter x 30' Wall 5226 6191 192 174 44'
BIN-1826 18' Diameter x 26' Wall 6580 7795 242 219 41'  
18' Diameter x 30' Wall
7439 8813 273 248 44'  
21'6" Diameter x 20' Wall
7833 9280 288 261 37'  
21'6" Diameter x 26' Wall
9671 11458 355 322 43'  
21'6" Diameter x 30' Wall
10897 12910 400 363 47'  
23'8" Diameter x 26' Wall
11931 14135 438 398 45'
23'8" Diameter x 30' Wall
13416 15895 493 447 48'

How can we give you all the above at better prices than our competitors? 

We sell Factory Direct.




v  Spiral weld, smooth wall construction

v  High Grade Urethane Coated Exterior

v  HSS (Hollow Structural Steel) legs and bracing

v  Steeper 38° bottom cone

v  Rounded vented Green Hat Lid

v AGI’s Green Hat steel lid opener to open the lid safely from the ground.

v 24" top opening

v Rack & Pinion center opening chute with extended crank handle

v 24" clearance under chute

v Side wall and roof ladder



v  Epoxy Coated Interior

v  Aeration systems

v  Mushroom & Goose Neck Vents

v  V-Slip coated interior

v  Bottom and Roof Manway

v  Auger Boot

v  Poke Hole

v  Pail Chute

v  OSHA Ladder Cages and Handrails

v  Inside Ladder

v  Bean Ladder

v  Bin Level Indicator

v  View Glasses

v  Steel Skid Foundation

v  60° Bottom Cone