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Gasoline SmartPump with Vapor Recovery
The AGI SmartPump is a tank fill pump with intelligence. The SmartPump is a factory packaged system for transfer of fuel from gravity trucks to storage tanks and control of filling operations to prevent overfill and allow for full draining of the truck delivery hose. The SmartPump provides a ready means of ground level connection of the fill hose, and captures spills that may occur at the fill point during filling operations. The SmartPump includes a high capacity fuel transfer pump and intelligent pump controls. The unique design and intelligence of the SmartPump allows full and easy draining of the truck fill hose prior to disconnect. The SmartPump detects the 90% level, stops filling operations and activates an alarm. The SmartPump allows the operator to continue filling and/or drain the fill hose up to the 95% level at which time all filling operations are locked out and an alarm is activated. A leak detection circuit prevents filling of leaking tanks. Visual and audible level and leak alarms and continuous level indication are provided.

The AGI SmartPump is available for use with fuel oil (Class-II liquids) or gasoline (Class-I liquids).

Single or multiple tank controllers are available. Multiple Tank SmartPumps allow operator selection of the tank to be filled with automatic lockout of all other tanks.

How it works:

1. Delivery truck arrives and driver proceeds to SmartPump to make fuel delivery.
2. Connect ground cable.
3. Unlock fill box and control box.
4. Turn on controller.
5. Connect delivery hose to hose coupling.
6. Open valve on truck.
7. Open SmartPump inlet valve.
8. Open SmartPump outlet valve.
9. Start SmartPump.
10. Fuel is delivered to tank.
11. At 90% level, audible and visual alarm activates and alerts driver, SmartPump stops.
12. Driver may stop delivery at this point.
13. Driver can restart SmartPump by pressing “override” pushbutton and pressing “Pump Start” pushbutton. Pump will run for 30 second intervals.
14. Driver can continue filling or drain delivery hose at this time.
15. To drain hose, driver closes truck valve and breaks hose connection at tank and allows SmartPump to empty hose.
16. Driver may restart SmartPump in 30 second intervals, but all filling and hose draining operations must be ended and truck valve closed prior to reaching 95% level.
17. At 95% level, audible and visual alarm activates and SmartPump stops. SmartPump can not be restarted.
18. Close SmartPump outlet valve.
19. Close SmartPump inlet valve.
20. Disconnect delivery hose and ground cable.
21. Turn controller off.
22. Close and lock SmartPump doors.
23. Proceed to next delivery, where, hopefully, the owner has had the foresight to install a AGI SmartPump.
Gasoline SmartPump with Vapor Recovery


Fitting size: 2", 3" or 4"
Spill containment: 7 gallons
Paint: white
Net weight: 617 lbs. (Oil), 667 lbs. (Gas)
Level transmitter fitting: 2"

AGI's SmartPump includes:

Freestanding, pad mountable, open construction pumpset with weatherproof and lockable fill box with 7 gallon spill containment sump and weatherproof and lockable control box

2", 3" or 4" fittings

Quick disconnect hose coupling with dust plug

Inlet shutoff valve

Check valve

Outlet shutoff valve

Line purging valve

Spill sump drain valve

High capacity transfer pump, see details below

Automatic controller, described below

Ground stud

Controller includes:

Level transmitter for installation in 2" tank fitting minimum

90% and 95% visual alarms

Tank leak alarm

Audible alarm horn activated by alarms above

Power available indicator

Control power on-off switch

Pump start/stop pushbuttons

Top-off/hose drain mode pushbutton

Pump starter

TYPE 3R control enclosure (fuel oil version)

Explosion proof control enclosure (gasoline version)




with 5 HP pump
3" or 4" inlet:
75 ft.
65 ft.
55 ft.
40 ft.
25 ft.
with 2 HP pump
2" inlet:
55 ft.
45 ft.
35 ft.
15 ft.


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