Modular Underground Service Station




Look what AGI can design, build and install in partnership with a local petroleum contractor. 


 AGI would like to introduce you to A Modular Underground Service Station that we believe will change the way service stations are built in Canada. Not, very often do we get to introduce a product that is not only less expensive, but a product that is simply better. We would like to introduce you to A Modular Underground Service Station.


The Modular USS is:

  • Less expensive than traditional service station designs.

  • Safer for the environment than traditional service station designs.





    Less expensive than traditional service station designs.

        Saves on site labour. Less hours to install.

         No expensive piping to run. (Flexible double wall piping is usually $40.00 per foot.) Unlike some poly piping our steel piping is fuel resistant from the inside and the outside.

         Cuts the number of underground sumps required in half.

         No expensive heavy D.O.T. manhole covers.

         Fewer parts to be backordered or go missing. (You are not paying your contractor to wait on parts.)

         Everything fits. (What little piping that exists is pre-assembled by AGI.)

         Line tight testing can be avoided because all the piping is contained in a vacuum monitored tank.

         Customised compartments can be provided for cost-effective, multi-product storage.


  Safer for the environment than traditional service station designs.

         Smaller foot print. (You do not have to worry about hundreds of feet of underground piping you only have to monitor a single tank.)

         Centralizing all the equipment in one area makes the system easy to monitor. Dispenser and submersible sumps are checked daily because that is where the dipping port is located.

         Owner can gain access to piping if a problem occurs. (Without breaking concrete.)

         Owner's lot is no longer littered with manholes.

         More than two hundred Modular Underground Service Station are installed in Canada & the US.

         Guaranteed to be compatible with future additives. (Tanks in cars are made out of steel.)

         Double-wall design includes interstitial leak detection or vacuum monitoring pipe.


The Winged Sump

The Modular UST is made possible by adding a wing to a standard tank sump. AGI's sump is constructed of cross linked high density polyethelene. The sumps come with custom dispenser mounting plates. This means that if you change dispensers in the future you do not have to break the island concrete. You just change dispenser plates. The piping in the sumps are made up of flanged stainless steel flex hoses for easy assembly. Flanged fittings mean no leaking threads.




The Island

The island sits on top of the tank. This design creates a very small foot print that makes modular construction possible. It also makes monitoring the system to protect the environment easier.


Standard System Features
bullet ULC / UL Fibreglass Jacketed Envirotank
bullet Steel internal piping & sump flex hose piping
bullet HDPE tank sumps with wing & dispenser mounting plate
bullet Tank manways for internal tank access


Optional Features

bullet Engineered stamped site drawings
bullet Aluminum or steel sump covers
bullet Bollards for collision protection
bullet Submersible pumps
bullet Shear valves & hardware
bullet Deadman anchors & straps
bullet Stainless steel or steel dog bone island frames
bullet Tank gauges
bullet Dispensers




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