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AGI Oval Tanks

Standard Features

bullet Body is one piece construction with flanged heads.
bullet All joints are lap welded construction for added strength.
bullet Design incorporates both Underwriters' Laboratory of Canada and local standards.
bullet Tanks are coated with an aluminum finish. Other coatings are available.
bullet Pipe legs, Fill cap, Vent cap, Level gauge, Saddles and Bands for seismic applications are optional (ULC/CAN4-S602-M92)
bullet Each tank is air tested prior to leaving our manufacturing plant.





Capacity Gallons(Imp.) 

Dimensions L x W x H Fill Vent Gauge Outlet Weight
125 30"x26"x50" 2" 2" 1.5" 1" 165 lbs
200 48"x26"x50" 2" 2" 1.5" 1" 220 lbs
250 60"x26"x50" 2" 2" 1.5" 1" 251 lbs




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